The congregation at the Chardon Church of Christ held their first worship service on May 14, 1961. That first service was held at the Maple Elementary school with about 40 people in attendance. Ads were placed in the local newspapers inviting everyone in the area to attend. They rented the elementary school gym for Sunday services until purchasing the building located at 128 Maple Avenue on September 21, 1961 from the Assembly of God.

The Chardon Church of Christ held their first Bible Study and Worship Service in this newly purchased building on November 5,1961 with about 50 people in attendance. Charles Steele presented the first sermons and Theresa Cummings was the first person baptized as the church of Christ began establishing itself in this area.

We are determined to follow the New Testament pattern for the organization, work and worship of the church. We want to be able to show "book, chapter, and verse" for all of our practices.